The Loving Kindness Tour is seeking volunteers to serve in the role of Geographic Ambassadors to help to spread awareness of this event. Most of our volunteers are located in the Quad Cities region and we need volunteers from other locations in Iowa and surrounding states to help us. We are seeking persons who will assist the Media/Public Relations committee by distributing posters and other materials, identifying other publicity opportunities in your area, (such as community calendars and local newspapers, TV and radio resources) and to speak to interested local groups about the event (optional).
We will provide you with a community education packet that will include: posters, small flyers, a short article for publication in a newspaper or newsletter, a talking points and frequently asked questions handout, a short video about the event (available on request for public speaking events). The media committee will be sending a press release about the event to the major media outlets in Iowa by late June. Examples of places where materials could be distributed would be yoga studios, colleges, restaurants, community bulletin boards, book stores, religious groups, interfaith councils, and any other place you can imagine. A short job description follows.
We are seeking volunteers especially from the following communities:  Davenport, Bettendorf, Rock Island, Moline, East Moline, Hampton, Port Byron, Colona, Le Claire, Princeton, Dubuque, Rockford, Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, Peoria or any community within 150 miles of the Quad Cities.
If you are interested in volunteering or know someone who is, please contact Julie Rowe, or send us a message to our contact page. When you contact her please include Buddha Relics in the subject line. Please send her your contact information including name, address, phone number and e-mail address.

Geographic Ambassador Job Description

The Geographic Ambassadors will cover a designated target audience area.  Within that area, they will assist the Media/Public Relations committee to:
  • Identify publicity opportunities in print media; community calendars; other local publications such as newsletters and free newspapers; TV stations; radio stations; groups to contact/speak to, and events. Examples: colleges; yoga studios; ethnic groups; religious groups, especially Unitarian, Unity Church, and Buddhist; interfaith councils; banks that organize trips for older adults
  • Distribute posters, hand bills, brochures, and table tents.
  • Speak to groups (optional), using prepared talking points, frequently asked questions and DVD. Or, identify speakers to do this.